Best Beaches to Work Remotely

Since the appearance of the recent pandemic and thanks to current technological development, there have been changes in lifestyle and way of working, giving mobility to people who can work remotely and thus giving birth to a new style of work tourism, which wants to move to coastal areas.

As the home office is already a very pleasant reality, it has given us a new experience and the opportunity to have a relaxing stay and work in paradisiacal environments that generate a better quality of life.

The versatility of this new work modality can be taken from senior executives and their families to digital nomads, without ruling out those who only take a few days off and start working remotely, combining it with fun and relaxation.

We are interested in this new trend, for that reason we seek and offer these ideal places so that you can carry out your home office in the best beaches in a gratifying way and we put them within your reach.

Los Cabos, Mexico

Mexico has a destination with beautiful beaches and unforgettable desert landscapes, located in the south of the Baja California Sur peninsula. It has been given the name of the Marlin Capital, best known for its spectacular Arch where the Sea of ​​Cortez and the Pacific Ocean converge. Also known for the diversity of its beaches and its marine activities, for those exclusive spaces such as its high-level tourist complexes and its grand tourism marina. Many seek it out for its vibrant nights of activity, the best sport fishing, and its culinary and cultural variety. It has everything! It also offers adventure for those who love adrenaline and cannot leave aside the mostly temperate climate.

Taking advantage of the versatility of this destination, we offer you beautiful places for your stay with services such as internet so you can work without problems, and for those who want to travel with their family and rent a luxury Villa with beautiful views or a Suite as an apartment with views of the sea or the marina. Within our catalog you will find studios for those traveling alone, as a couple or some friends who want to work and enjoy what Los Cabos offers.

Sayulita, Mexico

Also in Mexico, but in the Riviera de Nayarit a fashionable destination stands out, a typical little town that is home to the most casual tourist, such as those who love surfing or yoga, as well as local and international gastronomy. One of its attractions is being able to enjoy its very particular vegetation of the area as well as its landscapes that can be seen from Cerro del Mono. Full of culture, art, crafts and colors that can be seen taking walks through its streets.

In this Riviera you can find varied options to stay those days you want to meet this destination and combine it with work, whether you come alone, with your family or friends.

We offer you from sophisticated accommodation in boutique hotels, elegant villas or small and colorful suites. Knowing how important your total comfort is to you, all the spaces we have are equipped with the ideal facilities for your connection and comfort.

We have Master Suites from 10 rooms to two bedrooms, all in excellent locations, relaxing spaces and incredible views.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel offers us it’s youngest, most modern and vibrant city. Many consider it the capital of the country, we refer to Tel Aviv. Named “The Mediterranean Capital of Cool” by the New York Times, Tel Aviv is a city with a savvy attitude and cultural astuteness. “The city which never sleeps” is a center for a nightlife, cuisine, culture and liberalism.

With a great history, Jaffa port is one of its main attractions because it is beautiful and interesting. It is priceless to walk through its narrow cobbled streets that will transport us to its history of more than three thousand years. Full of art galleries, as well as artisan shops.

Tel Aviv is known as the “White City” since it had the greatest exponents of Bauhus architecture, simple and austere architecture but it does not stop being beautiful. It stands out for its promenade as it is known as the Miami of the East, its flea market, its Art Museum with great works of art in its collection, its Clock Tower which is a vestige of the passage of the Ottomans through this beautiful city.

In addition to the attributes mentioned above, we offer you incredible properties to make this experience totally complete. Among the places we have to host you, we have Bauhus apartments, studios, lofts in the city center. Modern, comfortable and with everything you need to feel at home. But if you are interested in having sea views, we also have luxury apartments and villas ready to welcome you and your family, or if you are traveling alone we have perfectly equipped lofts waiting for you.

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